Distinctive benefits

There are many benefits to hiring a virtual personal assistant, not least our flexibility, reliability and professionalism. We can help structure your daily workload so you can achieve the things you need to.

Hiring a VPA is the perfect alternative to employing a full or part time employee. DistinctiveAssistants offers a service and therefore we do not become an employee of your business: we are self-employed and work from home.

We do not add to your overheads, a VPA works from their own office and uses their own equipment, at their own expense instead of being physically present in your office to carry out the work.

The added advantage of using a virtual personal assistant is that they offer flexible terms i.e. you only pay for the time they are needed or for the service you require. Small businesses in particular can benefit from a virtual assistant due to the small number of employees to delegate tasks to, particularly if you are a sole-trader.

  • We free up your time to focus on issues that are important to you, your business or home life.
  • We are incredibly cost effective (VPA’s are self-employed so you only pay for the hours worked).
  • We offer a professional and reliable service on a regular or ad hoc basis.
  • Reduced employee costs (No PAYE, NI, pensions, holiday /sickness or maternity leave).
  • Your projects are completed without the cost of hiring temporary or full time staff.
  • We make sure you get through your ‘to-do’ list.
  • We liaise closely with you to ensure that we work in the way you want.